100 Burpie Challenge

Ok,folks, we will be starting a new challenge this week.  Crossfit Fort Bragg recently published an article on running this challenge and i think it would be a great one for us as well. 

very simple:

Day 1 – one burpie

Day 2 – two burpies . . .

Day 100 – 100 burpies.

You can break up the burpies however you wish, but if you skip a day or days, those burpies need to be made up in the following days.   Lastly, post your times at the 25, 50, 75 and 100 burpie stages.

Who’s up for the challenge?

We will start immediately following tues nite parade this week.

N Coy/Officer Trg Program – 25 Feb 11

Due to the training weekend being held in Yorkton, N Coy Crossfit trainers are unavailable for today’s WOD.  Next class will be on Monday at noon. 

Sorry for the short notice.

Over the weekend, get the snowshoes on and get out for a walk – Wear a ruck sack with at least 40lbs and make use of the great snowpack we have this year!

See you all monday.

N Coy/Officer Trg Program – 22 Feb 11

Sorry about not posting WODs for Friday and Monday – i ended up out of town on business for longer than expected – things will be back to normal starting tonite at unit parade.

Tues Nite WOD

Part 1:

Canadian Forces Express Physical Test

Part 2:

Team, Team, Team

in fireteams, 12 combined rounds of:

5 burpies, 5 pullups, 5 situps

One soldier works, the other soldier rests

***NOTE: We will be running several relays of the express test, so we will conduct part 2 in relays as well.  Dress will be PT strip.