N Coy/Officer Trg Program – 24 May 11

Tues Nite WOD

in fireteams, one soldier fireman’s carry 30 M, team does 10 burpies

Then the second soldier does a fireman’s carry 30 M, team does 9 burpies

Carry one with the pattern down to 1 burpie

continue the pattern starting at one pushup and go back up to 10 pushups, alternating fireman’s carries throughout.

For Time

N Coy/Officer Trg Program – 13 May 11


Part I

10 Pushups

One gym length sprint with jerry can

1 Jerry can push press

(continue alternating the exercises, next round 9 pushups,run, 2 push presses, etc until you complete a round of 1 pushup, run and 10 jerry can push presses)

Rest 3 minutes

Part II

3 pullups, 2 gym width sprints, 3 burpies

AMRAP in 7 mins

Take this WOD one bound at a time!