Hugh Cairns Armoury: 26 Jan – Feb 12


I will be away for the next 10 days or so and have programmed the next two weeks in one pass.  The Noon class regulars will be picking up the slack for instuction and it will situation no change for the 1730 crew.  I will see you all again in early Feb.

Capt Knibbs

Perhaps we should acquire a bit log for the team – it looks like fun!

Thursday nite parade (26 Jan)

Fireteam WOD, one man works one man covers (rests)

Zengel Lap (together)

Combined reps of pushups/kettlebell swings


Zengel Lap (together)

Then 2 sets of max pullups per soldier.


Part 1:  Run for 30 secs, rest for 1 min x 10

Rest for 3 mins

15 Box Jumps/5 Pullups, 4 rds for time

Monday (30 Jan)

Skill:  Handstands/Handstand pushup work


30 situps

30 Kettle Bell Swings

2 gym laps w/ 45lb plate overhead

4 rounds for time


In fireteams, break up the reps as you see fit:

30 combined Crossfit pushups

Zengal lap (together)

4o combined situps

Zengal Lap (together)

50 combined air squats

Zengal Lap (together)

3 rounds for time


Skill:  Clean and Jerk fundamentals

WOD:  60 Clean and Jerks for time (#95/65)


Chipper WOD:

Zengel Lap (minus the burpies)

10 pullups

20 ring dips

30 walking lunges

40 situps

50 air squats

40 push press (45 lb bar)

30 knees to elbows

20 burpies

10 gym widths with 45 lb plate overhead

Zengel lap (minus the burpies)

For time


Skill:  Back Squat fundamentals



This is one rep:  Power Clean to Front Squat to Push-Press  to Back Squat  to Push-Press from behind the head.

Do that seven times for one round.

Do 5 rounds total, scale accordingly.

You can rest 1 min in between rounds.


In teams of 3:

With two soldiers holding an oly bar and the third doing jumping pullups, each soldier needs to achieve 12 jumping pullups

Then run a zengal lap as a team with a full jerry can or 45 lb plate (one can/plate per team)

Complete 100 situps as a team (break up as you see fit)

Run as above

Complete 6 gym widths of crab walks per team (break up as you see fit)

4 rounds for time


This one is back by popular demand, we rocked this one in the summer – Capt Knibbs

Complete reps as a fireteam (except runs – do together)

50 Deadlifts (135/95)

Run zengel lap

60 Pullups

Run zengel lap

70 Ammo can kettle bell swings

Run zengel lap

80 Box Jumps

Run zengel lap

90 Pushups

Run zengel lap

100 Air Squats

Run zengel lap


Skill:  muscle rolling techniques


10 reps of each, 9 reps, 8, etc, etc until 1

Back Squats (135,95)

Knees to Elbows


Hugh Cairns Armoury 16 – 23 Jan 12

Fluffy the cat says “burpies do you good!”

I am away on business – planning to work out at Crossfit Victoria on monday – should be fun!  Maj Carlson has the WOD for Monday at lunch – evening class is the same routine.  Have a great week and keep warm!

Capt Knibbs


Skill – Power Cleans


3 min Amrap cleans (135/95)

Rest 1 min

3 min Amrap Double Unders

Rest 1 min

3 min AMRAP Kettlebell Swings (24/16)

Rest 1 min

3 min AMRAP situps


Tabata – pushups, pullups, flutter kicks, air squats


Skill – Kettlebell Snatch

Partner WOD

Push Press (#45/#35)

KB Swings (#44/#35)

Box Jumps

SDLHP (#45/#35)



Sit Ups

Push Ups

One arm KB snatch

Double Unders

90 secs per exercise – one man works, the other rests. switch off as often as you wish – total reps for points.


Tabata – pushups, pullups, flutter kicks, air squats


Skill – Deadlift fundamentals


4 Rds for time

9 Deadlift (225/185)

15 Knees to elbows

21 box jumps



Hugh Cairns Armoury: 08 – 15 January 12

First week back after the Christmas break!  Time to get back at it and burn off some winter weight 😉

A few of the Belt-Fed Crossfit team took the opportunity during the break to train with Saskatoon’s newest Crossfit Affiliate, Reebok Crossfit 306.  Jason Cain, the co-owner and 2011 Crossfit Games Cdn Champ, has been providing some awesome coaching for Belt-Fed’s instructors over the past month.   Thanks so much for your support, Jason, and welcome to Saskatoon.  We really appreciate it!



Skill:  Long warmup and active stretching



“My Favorite Plate”

5 Rds for time

15 Overhead Walking lunges (25/45)

15 Weighted Situps (25/45)

1 zengel lap with plate

7 pullups


Tues Evening Parade


“Crazy 8s”


8 Burpie Pullups

8 forward rolls

8 gym width sprints




Skill: Press, P Press, P Jerk

WOD:  15 min AMRAP

10 x Push Press (135lbs)
10 x KB Swings (53 lbs)
10 x Box Jumps


Thurs Evening Parade


“Crazy 8s”


8 Burpie Pullups

8 forward rolls

8 gym width sprints



Skill:  Snatch fundamentals

WOD:  Randy

75 – #75 Snatch for time



Winter Indoctrination Trg – Dundurn

(some kind of winter training this will be 😉


Capt Knibbs