Work up to a 1RM Bench Press
Use 5-7 singles to find your max.  Once you find it, you’re done.

Cash Out:
For Quality:
40 Back Extensions  (Supermans, or GHD)
40 OHS with a 3 Second pause (from a PVC to a Barbell.. tops.)  They’re for perfection, not weight or speed.
40 Ab whatever of your choice

Break everything up however you’d like!

Feb 10 2013

Partner WOD:
AMRAP in 20 Minutes:
20 MedBall Thrusters with Toss
20 Buprees (One at a time, alternating)
20 Medball Partner Pass AbMat Sit-Ups
20 Box Jumps (One at a time, alternating) (Jump Up, Step Down)

Medball Thrusters – Throw HIGH!  Distance between partners should be approx racks to Pull-Up bars.  Full front squat to jump & toss.  Try to catch & go right into the squat.  Like wall ball but just to your friend!)

All Reps are Total Reps between Partners.. So 10 each.  On the exercises that are alternating, only one partner works at a time… so that means the tempo should be HIGH the whole time.  Take advantage of the tiny breaks and having someone else pushing the pace!

Score is Total Reps completed by the Team.