Aug 20 2014

a. Skill – 10 minutes:

5 ring swings

5 strict pull-ups

5 GHD sit-ups

5 Ring dips

30-60sec rest

b. Strength – 15 minutes:

3RM Clean

c. WOD – Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes:

5 pull-ups

10 push-ups

15 squats

20cal row

Aug 18 2014

25 minute AMRAP of
With a 2-man team:
Partner A runs a 400 meter run while partner B does the work. Once partner A gets back you switch roles.

1st Round:
Clean & Jerk (#135/#95)
Each C&J=1 point

2nd Round:
Backsquats (from the ground)
Each squat=1 point

3rd Round:
Bar Facing Burpees
Each Burpee=1 point

4th Round:
In and Out Tire Flips
Each Tire Flip=1 point

5th Round
Double Unders
10 DU’s=1 point