Sept 15 2014


Complete as many rounds as possible in 30 mins of:
12 Toes-to-bars
15 Thrusters, 42kg (30kg)
21 Box Jumps, 24″ (20″)

Working in teams of 3 people, 1 person working while the other 2 rest, Rotate in order
Organise teams so that everyone is using the same Thruster weight

It is important to sprint each round as fast as you possibly can, and ideally with unbroken reps, noting that you will get an extended rest while your team mate is working

As many reps as possible in 3 mins of:
Muscle Up (Strict)

As many reps as possible in 3 mins of:
Handstand Push-up (Strict)

Stretch Calves
Samson Stretch
400m Jog
then …
2 rounds
Air Squat x 10
Kipping Pullup x 10
Burpee Broad Jump x 5
Inchworm pushup x 5
Spiderman Lunge x 10

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